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How Much Does a New Maid Insurance Cost? (Updated Policy)

01 July 2023

6 Important Questions About Maid Insurance
6 Important Questions about Maid Insurance 1. Do I need to buy medical insurance for my helper? The answer is...

Do I need to buy medical insurance for my helper?

The answer is YES: You need to buy medical and personal accident insurance for your helper.

This is by law in Singapore, and this Maid Insurance policy has to be in effect before your helper arrives in Singapore, as part of your medical obligations to her.

Likewise, if she is a transfer helper, the policy has to be purchased and in effect before she is deployed to your house to work.

Please note that as an employer, you must not pass on the cost of purchasing the insurance to your helper.

What are the requirements for purchase of Medical Insurance for my helper?

Employers need to purchase a Medical Insurance with coverage for inpatient care and day surgery during their helper’s stay in Singapore of at least $60,000 per year for policies with start date effective on or after 1 July 2023.

Should I get a higher insurance plan for my helper?

MOM strongly encourages employers to buy additional insurance coverage for greater protection against medical bills incurred by your helper, providing you greater peace of mind.

However, as an employer, you will know best which insurance plan is preferred, depending on your own budget and risk appetite.

As an employer, am I fully responsible for my maid’s inpatient and outpatient costs?


As an employer, you are fully responsible under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act for the cost of both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

What are the requirements for purchase of Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for my helper?

As per MOM regulations, the PAI policy must have a sum assured of at least $60,000 per year.

This is because your helper is employed by you and they work and live in the same premise as your household, making it hard to determine whether any injury sustained while working was due to work-related activities or not.

Hence, this Personal Accident Insurance would cover her during her length of work with you.

And this Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) has to cover sudden, unforeseen and unexpected incidents resulting in permanent disability or death.

In addition, this Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) must not contain extra exclusion clauses that are not in the Employment of Foreign Manpower Regulations.

This insurance is extremely important to help you with expenses as an employer, and also to protect your helper and her family by providing a secured compensation if she suffers from any permanent disability or passes away as a result of an accident. (In this case: the compensation must be made payable to your maid or her beneficiaries.)

How Much Does The New Enhanced Maid Insurance Cost?

With a much higher Medical Insurance Coverage on Hospital & Surgical Expenses of $60,000 per year (up from $15,000 per year for policies with start date effective before 1 July 2023), the premiuns on  Maid Insurance policies has understandingly increased. Currently, the basic Maid Insurance policy cost for a 14-month period is $367.20 (including GST) and $550.80 for a 26-month period.

Key Benefit Highlights:

  • Worldwide coverage, including whilst your maid is on home leave (with valid work permit)Treatment by Licensed TCM registered withMOH
  • Day Surgery hospital expenses
  • Communicable diseases or illness covering hospitalisation expenses for quarantine or isolation e.g. for Covid-19, SARS, Tubercolosis, H1N1, Dengue Fever, MERS
  • Direct settlement with hospitals upon the admissibility of claim (less 25% co-payment if any)
  • Covers first ocurrence of mental conditions including self-inflicted injuries arising from attempted suicide
  • Personal Accident Medical Expenses limit applies on a per accident basis, no maximum annual or policy limit.