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Post / Prenatal Massage

Post / Prenatal Massage

Our popular Javanese Pre-Natal Massage involves our massage therapist using every part of her hand to knead away and soothe your mind and body.

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Benefits of Pre & Post Natal Massage

Benefits of Pre & Post Natal Massage

Our popular Javanese Pre-Natal Massage involves our massage therapist using every part of her hand to knead away and soothe your mind and body. Working on the deep tissues, our pre-natal massage reduces stress hormones in a mother’s body and relaxes her muscles. It is important to increase blood circulation during pre-pregnancy to keep the lymphatic system conditioned at peak efficiency.

Allow us to gently knead away your muscle knots, and perhaps take away the fatigue from Insomnia, Joint pain, Leg cramping, swelling in certain parts of the body, headaches or migraines.

Our popular Javanese Post Natal Massage involves massaging the tired body with specially formulated herbs, Javanese-sourced massage oils and hot stones to improve circulation. It gently helps get the mummy’s internal organs back into place and works wonders for breastfeeding.

This helps the body to swiftly return to the pre-pregnancy body shape and ensure restoration of the womb, to aid body slimming, and to provide good conditioning and strengthening of the body post-pregnancy.

It includes assisting with breast engorgement to clear milk ducts and to aid in the reduction of post-partum pain, swelling, lessening the appearance of stretch marks, lessening the appearance of cellulite as well as water retention, wind and muscular spasms.

Add On Services for Added Care

  • These are just some of the benefits of our Traditional Postnatal Massage. Hot stone abdomen compress (Tungku) is necessary for good blood circulation, removal of blood clot in the uterus, expelling wind and achieving relief from body bloated-ness.

  • V-Spa Ratus Àyu / Ganggang is a unique treatment following an ancient Javanese tradition that has been carried out since the Majapahit time.

  • A special body smoke is needed to cleanse the female genitalia, remove unpleasant odours and reduce vagina discharge.

  • This unique treatment of the vagina area improves blood circulation, relaxes the pelvic floor muscles so that the vaginal area becomes more tight and clean. It also helps to prevent and reduce white and excessive discharge, leaving it free from unpleasant odours and prevents irritation.

  • Whilst rejuvenating and tightening the intimate area, it also helps to prevent infection.

Recover & Rejuvenate

It’s important to ensure your body recovers well during this period. A nice, relaxing and convenient treatment is only an enquiry away.

How to Book A Treatment?

  • Step 1

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Let us know which Recovery Treatment you are keen on.

  • Step 2

    We Will Contact You

    We Will Contact You

    We will share further on the benefits of the different Treatment and Massage Services we provide.

  • Step 3

    Book and Confirm Schedule

    Book and Confirm Schedule

    Check our available slots and confirm your booking in an instance!

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