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Hiring Confinement Nannies

Hiring Confinement Nannies

Say goodbye to postpartum nightmares. Our trained confinement nannies have the experience, aptitude and knowledge to help you navigate the stress and demands of caring for your new-born..

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What Do Confinement Nannies Do?

What Do Confinement Nannies Do?

Full-time confinement nannies usually work for a period of 28 days and are live-in nannies who stay in the same household as you. Their job is to assist you in the first month after your baby is born.

A confinement nanny’s primary focus is on the new-born and the mother’s well-being.

This includes:

  • Assisting mother with feeds and supporting the mother on her feeding journey Assisting mother with feeds and supporting the mother on her feeding journey
  • Assisting to bathe baby Assisting to bathe baby
  • Assisting to change baby’s soiled diapers Assisting to change baby’s soiled diapers
  • Doing the laundry for both mother and baby Doing the laundry for both mother and baby
  • Preparing herbs for confinement bath for mother Preparing herbs for confinement bath for mother
  • Enriching mother’s nutrient intake with the right tonics brewed Enriching mother’s nutrient intake with the right tonics brewed
  • Cooking confinement food for mother Cooking confinement food for mother
  • Listening to any questions mother might have Listening to any questions mother might have
  • Giving mother advice on how to better look after her new-born Giving mother advice on how to better look after her new-born
  • Imparting nuggets of wisdom for mother’s postpartum recovery journey Imparting nuggets of wisdom for mother’s postpartum recovery journey

The above tasks may vary slightly from nanny to nanny depending on your confinement nanny requirements.

Live-in Confinement nannies work almost around the clock and most sleep with the babies at night (if the mothers prefer) so that they can tend to the little ones needs while the mother has her rest and recovery.

Why choose Island Confinement Nannies To Assist You In Your Confinement Journey?

  • 24 Hours Rest And Recovery

    24 Hours Rest And Recovery

    As a new mom, you will definitely require plenty of support, care and help in the tender first month after delivery. Confinement Nannies are here to assist, gently guide and take care of both mommy and baby in the first month after your baby is born. Our experienced nannies are equipped with important knowledge of cooking nourishing food for you and are dedicated and skilled in looking after new-borns.

  • Breastfeeding


    Our Confinement Nannies can assist you in new-born nursing guidance. Simply having an extra pair of hands around to prepare the relevant equipment and providing simple lactation tips through our experience might go a long way in starting and easing into your breastfeeding journey (if preferred by the new mom).

  • Simple Domestic Chores Help

    Simple Domestic Chores Help

    When your hired confinement nanny lives in your home during the confinement period, she can assist in simple tasks and chores that cater to mother and baby. To allow you a peace of mind, she can also take over the night duties, especially when you require that much-needed rest in-between baby feeds.

  • 100% Attention For New-born

    100% Attention For New-born

    It is so rarely talked about - how hard recovery is in the first month after delivery- mentally, physically and emotionally. Ever wanted to just close your eyes and take a break for a good 15 minutes, but still struggle to stay awake as you worry about your new-born stirring from their nap any moment now? The convenience and flexibility to settle other priorities is priceless with the help of an extra pair of experienced hands always around.

A truly hassle-free process.

As an experienced Confinement Nanny Agency, we eliminate the uncertainty and unforeseen costs that may come with the hiring of a Confinement Nanny in Singapore. With our full suite of services, you can be assured of a smooth hiring journey from start to finish.

3 Steps To Hire A Trusted Confinement Nanny

  • Step 1

    Choose Your Branch

    Choose Your Branch

    With 7 branches conveniently located island-wide, you can visit any one to kickstart your hiring journey.

  • Step 2

    Speak To Our Consultant

    Speak To Our Consultant

    We’ll understand your caregiving requirements and recommend you a Confinement Nanny based on your Confinement Needs.

  • Step 3

    Your Hiring Journey Begins

    Your Hiring Journey Begins

    We will get the Nanny prepared for the job and complete the end to end paperwork, applications, and processes. Leave that hassle to us.

Got further questions?
Allow us to put your worries to rest.

Our FAQ section allows us to further answer your questions and provide our clients with the necessary, comprehensive information along their hiring journey.

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It was our first time hiring a helper and we were clueless. We were served by Seven (at AMK),he explained to us every single detailed properly and ensure we are not stress about anything. He even keep in touch with us after we had our helper to ensure we are coping well.

Shera Elza

In order to employ a domestic maid for my home, I went to AMK Branch Sales Manager Ng Di Shen (Seven). He carefully and thoroughly outlined the selection maid criteria. When we have faced any problem, he assists us extremely professionally by talking to the maid. He always stands with the owner's perspective to assist in problem-solving. After we have hired the maid, Mr. Seven is also a service Oriental to do the follow up with the maid performance. His office phone number is (655) 7703.

Donna Neo

A big thank you to Island Maid AMK branch consultant Shana for recommending Masiroh to our family. It has been almost 1.5 months since Masiroh joined us, and she has been a pleasure addition. A great help in the family with house chores and looking after my parents-in-law in their 80s. We feel reassured having Masiroh look after mother-in-law who needs to go for dialysis treatments, in our absence. Additionally, Shana has just helped us to hire another helper, Putri, to help my own elderly parents. She is just 4 days old at home, but proving herself to be reliable and a great help in the family too. Thank you Shana for taking the time and effort to understand our two families’ needs and recommending Masiroh and Putri respectively. Regards, Joyce

Chong Yuen Tang

As a first timer getting a maid, I am extremely pleased with the prompt, efficient and friendly services by Islands Maids. Its manager, Joanne Lee, is very knowledgeable and proactive. She even dropped into my home after work at night to bring me papers to sign. She is responsive to queries with practical solutions on solving all the practicalities such as how to select a maid, opening bank account for maid and the necessary paper works with ministry of manpower. The maid is excellent in her works and attitudes. I would highly recommend Islands Maids to anyone who needs a maid. Cai Yiming. 7 November 2022

Cai Yiming

I would like to thank Peggie Tee @ Bedok branch, who is very helpful , responsive and patient to customers. I am very satisfying with her service as if without her helps I couldn’t get a good helper in such a limit time. Hence, Island Maids Agency will always be my first choice & I will recommend Peggie Tee to my friends and family!!!

Hester Lim

Peggie from Bedok Branch was very helpful and offered constructive advice when I was urgently looking for a FDW for my parents. A good match was found within a few weeks despite the current shortage. Paperwork was seamless and handover was smooth. She also followed up to check on the FDW. My own helper was engaged through Island Maids 2.5 years ago and though it was from a different branch and staff, the service was equally professional and we found a good match as well. Have recommended a few friends and will continue to recommend Island Maids.

Bernadette Mark

Engaging this agency was a worry free experience ! My agent Heize guided me through the recruitment process, and I felt confident that I was in good hands. ! As a result I found the perfect helper. I like the fact that they take time with screening to match the helper with the employer. I highly recommend this Agency !

Odessa Chan

Heads up to Elise from Bedok Branch. She managed to handle my endless enquiry and request with lots of patience with an excellent customer service. I will definitely recommend you to look for her, as she is very genuine and has a great outgoing personality and will handle you with care. Smooth transaction and im happy with the maid that i have now. Thank you Elise and good job for the great work ??????????

Nurazira Zaid

I employed a domestic helper from Island Maids in August 2022. Elise at its Bedok branch made the whole experience very smooth. She responded promptly and professionally to all my questions and managed the paperwork efficiently. My family and I are very satisfied with the helper we got from Island Maids. Thank you Elise.

Audrey Ang

I would like to compliment Ms Heize service excellent and friendly helping me and family to select good maid. However attitudes towards customers was patience. Keep up good work! Much appreciated! Thank you so much! Looking forward for my new maid arrival to take care Mama..

Magdalene Goh

Extremely good service and prompt follow ups. Managed to get myself a good helper within a week's time! Highly recommended!

Enna Qiyin

Hi Zoe Wong(Ms), Thank you very much for your service and support provided throughout these few years. Your service render be it FDW return or new has been very smooth and very well managed! To us your knowledge, experience and support has always been swift, cool! Your close follow up and updates within your reach is prompt despite of the lean manpower resources during Covit-19 & early 2022. Kudos to You!! Your Customer service is superb! Appreciated!! If there is any FDW request from my friends, I will ensure it is you, Zoe!

An Kok

Thank you Jess from Island Maid Agency, she is very patient and helpful person, she also help to solve my urgent needs. Once again, many thanks!

Nego Ng

Very good helper agency. Zoe Wong ( our agent)is very helpful and professional. Her recommendation suits our requirements. And whenever we face any problem with the helper she’s there to help. We thank her deeply, and like our new helper a lot!

Wendy Wu

I have great experience working with Island Maid. Zoe Wong has been a great help to find the helper. She is professional, always responsive and very resourceful. I would highly recommend Island Maid located at Jcube.

Joan Goh
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