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Training & Integration Program (T.I.P.S)

Training & Integration Program (T.I.P.S)

Island Maids runs our own Local Training Centre in Singapore.

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Island Maids Training & Integration Program (T.I.P.S)

Island Maids Training & Integration Program (T.I.P.S)

We provide local training to assist our Migrant Domestic Helpers (MDWs) adapt and understand the work culture and expectations of their employers here in Singapore.

After your selected helper has arrived in Singapore, finished her quarantine and cleared her necessary medical checks and necessary government courses, she will further go through a one-day integration training called “T.I.P.S.” by Island Maids.

Having just arrived from overseas, Island Maids understands the need for your helper to settle down first before being deployed at your place. In this complimentary course provided by us, we orientate your helper on basic housekeeping, rules & regulations, and provide some useful tips to maintain a healthy and positive employment relationship.

We firmly believe that education and training can better prepare helpers in both the skills required, and the right mindset to approach their household jobs in Singapore.

Further, our TIPS program (Training & Integration Programs) will provide some useful suggestions on how to better handle emotions and some common situations faced at work.

It also includes basic training in the following aspects General Housework, Cooking, Infant Care/Elderly Care (depending on the MDW’s jobscope), House Rules, Expectations, Regulations.

Why Our Training & Integration Program (T.I.P.S) Has Helped Many Helpers Succeed?

  • Our Chief Trainer is a qualified nurse with more than 20 years of experience.

  • We have a dedicated Burmese Trainer who helps to bridge the communication of helpers from Myanmar.

  • We understand that every employment is different and requires different approaches.

  • We believe that a well-trained helper with a more prepared mindset will lead to a higher chance of employment success.

  • Island maids will constantly find new ways to improve the hiring process for both Employers and Domestic Helpers through education, training, and a transparent hiring process.

4 Key Benefits of Maid Training

  • More Confident Helpers

    Equipped with better knowledge and skills, helpers are able to adapt better in their new roles.

  • Higher Employment Success

    Helpers are better able to understand the local culture and expectations leading to lesser misunderstandings and greater tolerance.

  • Lesser Hiring Anxiety & Stress

    Working on assisting the helper to adapt to her new environment reduces conflict, frustrations and ultimately reduces the need for termination.

  • Greater Hiring Savings

    Investing in training has let to greater savings for employers as helpers are given the right guidance to succeed based on each of their unique work requirements.

4 Key Benefits of Maid Training

How To Register For TIPS?

  • Step 1

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Let us know your maid training requirements.

  • Step 2

    We Will Contact You

    We Will Contact You

    We will respond within the day and advise you on the TIPS Modules.

  • Step 3

    Book and Confirm Schedule

    Book and Confirm Schedule

    Latest training schedule will be shared and you can book your slot with ease.

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