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Myanmar Maid

Myanmar Maid

With their good temperament and teachable nature, Myanmar maids are well-liked by many Singaporean families.

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Are You Thinking of Hiring A Maid From Myanmar?

Are You Thinking of Hiring A Maid From Myanmar?

When it comes to the preferred nationality of maid hire, Domestic Helpers from Myanmar are considered by Singaporean employers due to many reasons and benefits.

In Singapore, the basic salary of a Myanmar maid is lower than those from Indonesia and The Philippines. As it would be a lower cost on your household monthly budget to pay for a Myanmar maid’s salary, many employers prefer to hire a Myanmar maid.

At the onset, Myanmar helpers (who are first time in Singapore), will need more guidance due to their language (basic english), but it is still quite a common consensus amongst employers that most Myanmar maids are quite teachable and good-natured. Due to their good attitude and mannerisms, and coupled with the right guidance by employers, they catch on fast to the communication and adjust well to their new work environments.

For Myanmar maids, their overseas processing time is usually much faster than Indonesian or Myanmar maids. This is because they do not require an embassy contract to be processed before arriving in Singapore (as compared to Filipino and Indonesian maids).

Due to their nature, many employers have personally shared from experience that Myanmar maids tend to be less vocal and less demanding.

For some employers, when deciding on their maid hire, religion plays an important factor as they believe that someone who works in their household should share the same beliefs.

Why do Employers Trust Us
with their Myanmar Maid Search?

  • Maid

    As with all maid hires, one of the main reasons why Myanmar maids have played a crucial role in Singapore’s landscape is their diligence and assisting Singaporean employers with the smooth running of household chores.

  • Globe

    The first step to deciding on your Myanmar maid hire, is to ask yourself if you have a preferred nationality before coming to a careful conclusion.

  • Network

    Island Maids has an establish network of partnered MAID TRAINING CENTRES in several regions of Myanmar.

  • Interview

    In these centres, potential Myanmar maids are interviewed and strictly evaluated by us in terms of their attitude, experience, motivation to work, and commitment before being accepted into our centres for further training.

  • Training Center

    All Burmese maids will go through a minimum of 1 month of training of which all aspects of the domestic household requirements will be taught: basic English communication, infant care, children care, elderly care, general housekeeping and cooking hygiene.

  • Benefits

    Only when the Burmese maids are confident of taking up a job in Singapore will they be arranged for skills and personality matching to employers in Singapore.

A truly hassle-free process.

As an experienced Myanmar Maid Agency, we eliminate the uncertainty and unforeseen costs that may come with the hiring of a Myanmar Maid in Singapore. With our full suite of services, you can be assured of a smooth hiring journey from start to finish.

3 Steps To Hire A Trusted Myanmar Maid

  • Step 1

    Choose Your Branch

    Choose Your Branch

    With 9 branches conveniently located island-wide, you can visit any one to kickstart your hiring journey.

  • Step 2

    Speak To A Sales Consultant

    Speak To A Sales Consultant

    Our experienced and friendly staff will assess your caregiving needs, and recommend Myanmar Domestic Helpers who are a good fit.

  • Step 3

    Your Hiring Journey Begins

    Your Hiring Journey Begins

    Focus on selecting the right Myanmar Domestic Helper, while we handle all the necessary paperwork and documentation.

Got further questions?
Allow us to put your worries to rest.

Our FAQ section allows us to further answer your questions and provide our clients with the necessary, comprehensive information along their hiring journey.

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What Our Customers Say

We believe in providing the best service to people.

Let the testimony be our voice!

My siblings and I highly recommend Ms Gni Lam from Island Maids (Yishun branch). Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we write this. We found Gni online from the excellent reviews we had read. She is highly professional in all her dealings, very sincere and extremely efficient in helping us find an EXCELLENT Myanmese helper for my 85-year-old mother who lives alone and is a first time employer. When we went to see Gni, it was the CNY period. We told Gni that our mother wanted a Christian helper and would want her to start work immediately. Gni was very experienced and did a thorough needs assessment. She was able to provide us with 3 potential candidates with good profiles, to interview on Whatsapp, within two days. She gave helpful pointers through our selection process and supported us each step of the way in getting the best match. My mother was very hesitant initially but was all praise for the helper after she arrived. The young lady was mature and had a very good work attitude. We want to also thank Peter, her Myanmese trainer, whom we also met on the day of her interview on Whatsapp, who did an excellent job training her. To our delight, the language barrier between my mother and the helper was easily solved with Google translate. The helper cleaned very well, was fast in picking up instructions and took initiative to keep the house spick and span. My mum found a wonderful companion in her because she was respectful and had a wonderful attitude of service. From the time of selection to hiring and even to date, Gni answered every query promptly and she has given us patient guidance in new procedures we were unfamiliar with. We are truly grateful for the AMAZING help and support rendered to us and we want to thank Gni Lam and Peter of Island Maids Yishun Branch from the bottom of our hearts for making our first time experience a smooth and enjoyable one! With deep gratitude, Mrs C Sng

Carol Sng

Ms Meris at the sixth ave branch help us to hire transfer helper recently in sixth Avenue outlet . It was our first time to deal with island maid company , and Meris provided great professional service in advising us in transfer process, She took time to filter suitable profiles, she is really having a good experience understanding people and matching employee and employer . She also ensured that the admin processes were super smooth, which took a big part of the stress away. Thank you!

Onna Sidhom
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