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Work Permit Renewal

Work Permit Renewal

Proper and comprehensive documentation helps prevents potential misunderstandings. Renew your maid’s work permit with us.

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Renew Your Maid’s Work Permit

Renew Your Maid’s Work Permit

If you are looking to renew your maid’s work permit and employment contract, it is important to ensure the terms of the renewal are clearly stated in the new employment contract. This helps to protect all parties and avoid any potential misunderstandings that may occur.

We will guide your through the entire process and advise you the current norms in the industry with regards to home leave, salary increments, and bonuses, if any. This will assist you with your decision on what you can offer your Domestic Helper for the successful years of employment ahead.

When do Migrant Domestic Workers go for home leave?

  • Contract renewals

    Contract renewals

  • Finished contracts

    Finished contracts

  • Home emergencies (special case)

    Home emergencies (special case)

  • With the work permit renewal, have you checked with your helper if she’s going for home leave?

    With the work permit renewal, have you checked with your helper if she’s going for home leave?

If your helper has decided to return to her home country for 2 weeks, after her work permit has been renewed, do ensure her Maid Home Leave Application is done!

Convenient & Comprehensive Documentation

To complete a Maid’s Work Permit Renewal, Domestic Employers will need to submit a renewal application to the Ministry of Manpower. Before doing so, the complete the necessary processes such as the purchase of Maid Insurance and Medical (if due). Island Maids will also provide all parties with the new employment agreement together with the salary schedule.

Renew with confidence. Leave the hassle to us!

Convenient & Comprehensive Documentation

How To Engage us to Renew Your Maid’s Work Permit?

  • Step 1

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Provide us with your maid’s renewal details.

  • Step 2

    We Will Contact You

    We Will Contact You

    We will respond within the day and advise you on the process and costs involved.

  • Step 3

    Confirm Engagement

    Confirm Engagement

    Grant us the consent to renew, and we will complete the process for you.

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