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Confinement Nannies

Confinement Nannies

Island Maids provides a dedicated confinement nanny hiring process that ensures the nannies you are hiring has the experience, skills, aptitude and knowledge to assist you with your confinement journey.

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Find A Confinement Nanny You Can Trus

Find A Confinement Nanny You Can Trust

An Extra Pair Of Hands, An Experienced Help.

Once your little one is born, you will need even more time than ever; to rest, to recover, & to bond with your little one instead of having to worry about the endless tasks.

2 Types of Confinement Nanny Service

  • Hiring of Confinement Nannies

    Hiring of Confinement Nannies

    Say goodbye to postpartum nightmares. Our trained confinement nannies have the experience, aptitude and knowledge to help you navigate the stress and demands of caring for your new-born.

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  • Post / Prenatal Massage

    Post / Prenatal Massage

    A CHANCE TO REST, A CHANCE TO HEAL. Our popular Javanese Pre-Natal Massage involves our massage therapist using every part of her hand to knead away and soothe your mind and body.

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A truly hassle-free process

As an experienced Confinement Nanny Agency, we eliminate the uncertainty and unforeseen costs that may come with the hiring of a Confinement Nanny in Singapore. With our full suite of services, you can be assured of a smooth hiring journey from start to finish.

A truly hassle-free process

3 Steps To Hire A Trusted Confinement Nanny

  • Step 1

    Choose Your Branch

    Choose Your Branch

    With 7 branches conveniently located island-wide, you can visit any one to kickstart your hiring journey.

  • Step 2

    Speak To Consultant

    Speak To Our Consultant

    We’ll understand your caregiving requirements and recommend you a Confinement Nanny based on your Confinement Needs.

  • Step 3

    Your Hiring Journey Begins

    Your Hiring Journey Begins

    We will get the Nanny prepared for the job and complete the end to end paperwork, applications, and processes. Leave that hassle to us.

Choose The Right Helper For Your Family

Having a good domestic helper who understands and fulfils your caregiving needs will make a world of difference. Let us make your search a stress-free one.

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