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6 Simple Tips to Maintaining a Good Relationship with your Domestic Helper

06 February 2023

Island Maids - Hiring Tips

1. Set clear expectations:

Make sure your maid knows your expectations for the job. This includes tasks that you want her to complete and any other expectations you may have.

2. Provide feedback:

Give your maid feedback on her performance. Let her know when she does something well and when she needs to improve.

3. Show appreciation:

Show your maid that you appreciate her work by commending her work from time to time.

4. Offer training:

Teach your maid new skills or offer refresher courses. This will help her stay up to date on the latest cleaning techniques and products.

5. Establish a routine:

Establish a routine for your maid to follow. This will help her stay organized and efficient.

6. Be patient:

Training a maid takes time and patience. Be sure to give her plenty of time to learn and adjust to her new role.

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Hiring In Singapore

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