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Mizoram Maid Agency


There is a growing trend of employers in Singapore that are looking towards hiring foreign domestic workers from an alternative source country - Mizoram (India).

Often mistaken as Burmese, Mizoram helpers come from an independent state in India of 1.1 Million People with Aizwal as her capital. Mizoram is derived from Mi (people), Zo (Hills) and Ram (land), and thus Mizoram actually means "land of the hill people". 80% of their economy engages in agricultural pursuits in this land-locked country.

Their close physical semblance to Burmese people comes from the fact that their ancestors date back to Mongolia; and more recently the Chin people who migrated across the borders from the Chin state of Myanmar, Burma.

As Christianity is the main religion and influence in Mizoram, Mizoram maids are able to handle and eat pork. With close to 85% of their population being able to speak basic English, it is interesting to note that their literacy rate is also the highest in whole India. Their first languages are Mizoram and English respectively, thus bridging the common communication gap when helpers first arrive in Singapore.

Generally, feedback from our employers have been that Mizoram Maids are hardworking, well-mannered and obedient. Being a well established Maid Agency in Singapore that places a good number of domestic helpers from Mizoram, we are confident of finding you and your family a good helper from this region. 

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