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Island Maids provide very good service especially from staff Joe. (Hired from Bedok Branch) They were patience and willing to listen to details that we required on getting new maids. 


Dear Joe (Bedok Branch) 

I want to thank you for your help and service in finding a suitable maid for us. Although, Yin Nyein Aye from Myanmar, has been with us for only about 2 weeks. Despite language and communication barriers, she has shown us a very good attitude towards her work, diligent and honest too. We had encountered too many bad experiences with our previous maids through other agent and agency, almost lost hope in getting a new maid. We are very fortunate to know you and island maids agency. You all have really trained the maids well and properly. I will definitely recommend all my friends and relatives your good service and Island Maid agency if they are looking a good maid. Thank you so much!

Adalyn Yue

Adalyn Yue

We recently got a Mizoram helper from your agency (Yishun Branch) and was Glad that we came to you. Your staff, Zhi Yong was a great help to us - when we first came to the agency, he was not pushy but understood our needs and helped to arrange for a Skype call with your training centre in Mizoram. We are really happy with the professional services provided and also the helper was a great addition to the family - truly taking the burden of house chores away from me as I needed to travel quite a bit for work. Thank you.

Joyce Tan



Please assist to forward my feedback to your supervisor.


I have recently engaged a new helper through Michelle.  I am very pleased with Michelle’s service.  Michelle is a trustworthy and reliable agent because I find her comments honest about her assessment of the domestic helpers she has on hand.


Michelle is also very efficient and organized; she got all the procedures and paperwork sorted out and prepared seamlessly.  I spent only 5 minutes at her shop.  Her amazing efficiency is essential for my tight schedule. 


Michelle is also very helpful. I text her a one-page summary of my helper’s schedule and she went through it with my new helper; undaunted she asked me to send her my detailed daily schedule and tasks so she could walk it through with my new helper!


I find Michelle a very balanced agent.  She is firm but not aggressive with the domestic helpers.  This is kind and fair for the helpers and traits of a good people manager.  She is also patient, and helped me to interview my helper when I didn’t know how to get started.  She is also good in assessing my needs and match the right fit.


I am grateful to Michelle!



Best Regards,


Lay Lan

Lay Lan

(Hired from Wendee, Island Maids Bedok)
Marlina is good. So far her attitude is good and her she work fast and clean. I'm Glad that I've found u. You are so understanding and responsible towards your client! Will sure introduce my friends to u! Thanks for being so patient with me in selecting a maid And went extra milke to go back to work for me on your day off. Love your service. 


Dear Sir/Madam,


I have write in to compliments your staff from Yishun Branch, Zhi Yong, for his exemplary high standard of service. He is surely an asset to your company to have such a great staff! I wanted to post it on the testimonial site of yours but I keep getting error messages. So I decided to email you.


This is my second time getting a domestic helper and to tell the truth, my first experience with another agency was horrible. So before I come to Islandsmaid, I was quite skeptical about the agency and the helper that I might be getting. But due to the fact, I will require the help of an helper to take care of my family, I still "try my luck" with Islandsmaid.


The person who greeted me when I first stepped into Yishun Branch was Zhi Yong, who enquire about how he can help me. I told him my concerns and needs and just within that meeting, he clear all my doubts and let me have the confident in the agency. Not only did he help me to understand the differences of the helper coming from different regions, he also help us to select candidates that meet our needs.


Within that week, he help us to interview a number of maids and send us the interview clips to help us in the selection of the helper that meet our needs. He also provided professional advice to help us to come to our decisions.


Even after the deal was closed, his excellence service did not stop there. He is always very willing to answer any quiries that I had via SMS and also check with us how the helper is doing even after the helper have came to our house!


I dare say this spirit of service is rare and your company is blessed to have such a wonderful staff. If not for him, I will still very skeptical over domestic helper hiring.


A very big Thank You to Islandsmaid and Zhi Yong for all the help rendered during the process.



Samuel Huan


Michelle is helpful and patient. Listening and understanding my request to recommend a suitable helper. She is fast in response. Most importantly, she follows up even after the helper is employed to check if everything is doing fine. Thumbs up.



Dear Zhi Yong, 

 sincerely appreciate yr great help whenever I have maid issue n keep coming to you. You never hesitate to go all way out to help me. No more 24/7 such maid agency staff in SG now. Thumb up????????. Thank u for yr great help???????????? 


Good Job to the superb & handsome Zhiyong ! He is very jovial & humurous, very responsive & often call up to keep himself updated of the progress for my helper.. he did his best to help to solve all the issues we had, in the end we still had to let her go. In the shortest time, Zhiyong managed to find a replacement for me & he really did put in effort to screen through for the replacement i needed. Was very pleased with the 2nd helper, fits all my criteria & was able to keep up the daily work assigned. Good manners too ! Thank you for your superb services ! Greatly appreciated

Wong shue ting valerie

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Goh Jun Chee, a regular customer who patronises islandmaids about 3 years ago till now. Joe who is the representative of islandmaids handling my cases had been very efficient and prompt in his service. Due to his knowledge, he is able to advise me on many things which I am not sure. He is very patient and clear in his explanation.

At the present moment he is helping me to send my existing maid home and doing preparatory work to send the replacement over.  I am staying in Hougang and he is based at Jurong. Nevertheless he made an effort to pass me on to his colleague Agnes who is also very helpful.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank islandmaids (particularly Joe)  for the good job done.

Yours sincerely

Perter Goh Jun Chee

Peter Goh Jun Chee