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You are super fast, thank you.. No wonder you have so many good comments on your company's website. We can sense that you care a lot for the helpers too. Trying to help them, and at the same time help employers find a good helper. You do your job with human touch. Very good heart. This is what we r looking for. (Hired from bedok branch; Adison) 


Would like to convey our appreciation to Adison for all his assistance. He was very attentive to our requirements when getting a new helper. He ensured the new helper fully understood our expectations before agreeing to sign the contract. Great customer service. Will definitely recommend my friends to get helpers from him.

Best regards,

Ms Tan Lee Peng 

Teresa Tan

I would like to make known that Michelle, my helper's agent, is truly professional and resourceful in that she settled and handled my expectations and requirements for a helper efficiently and sincerely, thks :) 

Abu Bakar

Hired from Adison, Bedok Branch - He offered  honest and practical advice and is responsible. His follow-up service is also good. He helped in our request for better communication with our Mizo helper by downloading and printing 400 pages of Mizo dictionary for us as there is practically none in the bookshops. We appreciate it - thanks.

Alice Ng

Hi Gabriel,


Thank you very much for quick response. Your works are very professional from the start to the end. We are so lucky to have San working for us, she made our life easier while we live in Singapore. We are going to miss her a lot. 


Hope you have successful year ahead. Thanks again for all your works. 


Warm regards,

Mrs. Griffiths 

Mrs Songsiri Griffiths

Good morning , The purpose of this message is to compliment Alicia for her great customer satisfaction.Although she is transferred to Yishun office she ensured that the renewal of my mother-in-law's helper is done with the assistance of Iza (AMK office) .She's a joy to deal with always positive.

Mr Ng H.L.

Thankful for Zhi Yong (Yishun Branch), we managed to find a helper in the shortest period of time. documents submission, etc etc... Zhi Yong went out and did the extra mile by helping with the expedition of the process which then made things possible.

A really prompt and hardworking staff that seems to work round the clock. At any time through the day or night that I have problems and contacted him, he always give me almost instant replies. Really helpful and knowledgeable about what he is doing.

Thumbs up !

Caroline Tay

Michelle is helpful and very fast in her response to my queries and any issues that I have with the maids. She is also very knowledgeable about the regulations and processes. I appreciate her patience and listening ears. Good job, thanks Michelle! :) (Bedok Branch) 


Congrats to the Company (ISLAND) for having Michelle as your staff - she is really courteous and responsible in the way she works. I believe she will continue to put in her best efforts for the organisation growth. Thumbs up Michelle for the good work!