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List of Questions

Why engage Island Maids?

Island Maids provides you with comprehensive services to make the process of hiring a maid as hassle free as possible. We will cover all the aspect of applications and procedures such as initial interview and selection, work permit application, security bond and insurance, travel arrangements, medical screening, training, etc, to ensure the transition is smooth and complies with the law.

In addition, we aim towards ensuring that we match the right maid to assist you with your domestic needs. Choosing the best maid agency is important as the process requires a strong after sales support. At Island Maids, we are dedicated and committed to giving you the best. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

How long does it take for the maid to arrive?

If the application and processes is done correctly to obtain the Work Permit for the
Foreign Domestic Helper
, it will take about 2 week to 4 weeks for the maid to arrive and start working for the employer. Do note that the helper will still need to complete the Settling In Programme (course required for all foreign domestic worker working in Singapore for the first time) upon her arrival before she can start work. In addition, she will be required to pass her medical examination and issue her work permit within 14 days of arriving in Singapore.

What is a security bond?

The security bond of $5,000 applies to employers of foreign domestic workers. Its purpose is to ensure that employers remain responsible for the upkeep and maintenance, ensures prompt salary payment as well as timely repatriation of the foreign domestic workers

The security bond stands to be forfeited if the employer violates the Work Permit conditions. However, if the maid is found to have breached these conditions by her own behaviour, the employer will not be held liable (example: maid getting pregnant. Deposit will not be forfeited)

In cases whereby the maids abscond and as such, the employer is unable to repatriate her, only half of the security bond will be forfeited. This is provided that the employer has made reasonable efforts to locate her.

Even in the extreme case where the maid absconds and the employer is unable to repatriate her, only half of the security bond will be forfeited, so long as the employer has made reasonable efforts to locate the maid. The forfeited sum will then be used to cover the cost of repatriating the maid.

Are there other alternatives to the $5,000 Security Deposit?

Yes, you can purchase an maid insurance policy which is a cheaper alternative. You can choose between different policies which cover different areas of concern (example: runaway bond). That being said, you may still be liable for the forfeiture of $5,000 (if you are not covered by your policy) should you fail to repatriate the maid for whatsoever reason as it is a requirement by the Law of Singapore.

Is Maid Insurance necessary for employing maids?

Yes Maid Insurance is necessary. You must purchase a medical insurance and personal accident insurance as part of your medical obligations to your helper before she arrives in Singapore. Your helper will not be allowed to enter Singapore and will be turned away from the immigration should she not have a valid insurance ready.

1) Medical insurance

You will need to purchase a medical insurance with coverage of at least $15,000 per year for inpatient care and day surgery during your helper's employment in Singapore.

2) Personal accident insurance

You will need to purchase a personal accident insurance with a minimum coverage of $40,000 for your helper. 

What medical checks does my maid have to go through?

Once your maid reaches Singapore, she is given 14 days to complete her medical examinations and be certified fit to work under Ministry of Manpower’s standards. These checks are done to ensure that your maid is in good health, is not pregnant, has an acceptable blood pressure reading and have no viral diseases.

In addition, your maid is required to undergo half yearly medical screening to ensure that her health continues to meet MOM’s standards.

Who is responsible for the medical expenses of my maid?

The employer will be responsible for these expenses. They are required to bear the full cost of the medical care, including hospitalization and are not allowed to pass this cost to their maids.

As medical occurrence and fees can be rather unpredictable, we would strongly advise employers to purchase a comprehensive coverage for their maids to ensure these costs are covered for. Always consider upgrading your insurance plan to get a higher medical coverage.  

How much is the maid levy?

The standard Maid’s levy is $265 per month.

For employers who engage a maid to look after an elderly above the age of 65 or a child under the age of 16, the subsidized levy is $60 per month. 

The maids levy is to be paid by the domestic employers at the end of each month and should be done so only in the form of GIRO payments. If employers fail to maintain a valid GIRO account, the work permit of the maid will be cancelled.

The charges begin 5 days after the maid arrives in Singapore. For a first-time maid, the levy will begin on the fourth day of her arrival (excluding the day of arrival). Employers are given up to 17th day of the following month before the deduction is made. If the 17th is a non-working day, the deduction will be made on the next working day.

Are there any Maid Levy concessions?

Maid employers may qualify for the concessionary levy rate of $60 per month under the following schemes:

    - Young child/grandchild scheme (less than 16 years old)
    - Aged person scheme (above 67 years old)
    - Persons with disabilities scheme

You can waive your maid's (FDW)levy if she:

  •     Is on overseas leave for at least 7 consecutive days, capped at 60 calendar days per calendar year.
  •     Is on hospitalisation leave issued by Singapore hospitals, capped at 60 calendar days per calendar year.
  •     Does not return to Singapore after overseas leave.
  •     Is under police custody or is housed at the embassy.
  •     Passed away.

Can I claim tax relief for maid levy?

You are eligible if:

    - you are a married woman and has elected for separate assessment; or
    - you are married and your husband is not resident in Singapore; or
    - you are separated or divorced or widowed and living with your unmarried child for whom you can claim child relief.

How Can Your Maid Send Money Home?

There are many Remittance Service Providers that can assist you and your maid in sending monthly salary back home regularly.

Covid-19 Advisory by MOM [UPDATE]

Employers are advised to inform their FDW on the need to make an appointment if they wish to remit money at City Plaza, Lucky Plaza and Peninsular Plaza.

FDWs are adviced not to congregate in large groups. Government authorities and safe distancing ambassadors will patrol and issue warnings or even revoke work permits of FDWs who disregard MOM's advisories. All FDWs are advised to return home immediately after running errands

FDWs who are unable to get an appointment to remit money in person at these locations are encouraged to use e-remittance options or visit a remittance agent at another location. 

You can make an e-appointment to make e-remittance via the link here:

You can find out more info about e-remittance here:

List Of e-Remittance Service Providers
Full Name of BusinessWebsite addressEmail addressContact No
Agrani Exchange House Pte Ltdwww.agraniexchangehouse.sgagraniremit@yahoo.com6295 9731
Brunphil Express (S) Pte Ltdwww.brunphil.combrx@brunphil.com7975 4/5
GPL Remittance Pte 2991
Hanshan Money Express Pte Ltdhanshanmoney.comcs@hanshanmoney.com6438 3119
InstaReM powered by NIUMwww.instarem.comsupport@instarem.com6950 1132
Kabayan Remittance Pte 9551
MetroRemit SG 2748
Money World Asia Pte 755
Pay2Home   (Wandr Pte. Ltd.)www.pay2home.comcustomerservice@pay2home.com6372 2474
SlideSG Pte Ltd 1380
TransferWise Singapore Pte Ltdwww.transferwise.comsupport@transferwise.com3158 3259
TranSwap Pte Ltdwww.transwap.cominfo@transwap.com6100 9788
Western Unionwww.WU.comSingaporeEnglish.Customer@westernunion.com6336 2000

List Of Remittance Service Providers

Ameertech Remittance Services
291 Serangoon Road
Singapore 218107
Phone: 6297-7707
ActionPlus Remittance Services 
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413
Phone: 6533-3083
One-Stop Remittance Centre
304 Orchard Road
Postal Code : 238863
Phone No: 68340071
Fax No: 68340069
Brunphil Express (S) Pte Ltd
304 Orchard Road
Postal Code : 238863
Phone No: 67356204,67356205
Fax No: 67356690
Ace Orient Exchange Pte. Ltd.
400 Orchard Road
Postal Code : 238875
Phone No: 67355525
Fax No: 67325575
J-Dee Remittance Services
2 Beach Road
Singapore 190002
North Bridge Road
Phone: 6294-8720
King's Professional Cargo Service
304 Orchard Road
Postal Code : 238863
Phone No: 67342387
Fax No: 67343991
GPL Remittance Pte Ltd
5001 Beach Road
Postal Code : 199588
Phone No: 62912991
CYS Express Exchange Pte Ltd
3 Shenton Way
#02-05 SHENTON HOUSE more addresses...
Postal Code : 068805
Phone No: 62262088
Fax No: 62260288
Ming Express Pte Ltd
5001 Beach Road
Postal Code : 199588
Phone No: 62977602
Fax No: 62977585
Metro Remittance Centre
304 Orchard Road
Postal Code : 238863
Phone No: 67348035
Fax No: 67349326
Lekshmi Overseas Remittance Agency
304 Orchard Road
Postal Code : 238863
Phone No: 67364033
Fax No: 67321910
Express Remittance 
304 Orchard Road
#04-38 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863
Tel: 235-9849
Zhongguo Remittance Centre
710 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8,
Postal Code : 560710
Phone No: 64584456
Fax No: 64585567
Valutapos-TKI Pte Ltd
304 Orchard Road
Postal Code : 238863
Phone No: 67330055
Fax No: 67372987
Sonali Exchange Pte Ltd 
587 Bukit Timah Road
#03-26, Coronation Plaza
Singapore 269707
Tel: 294-9862
Tsoimpex Enterprises
304 Orchard Road
Postal Code : 238863
Phone No: 68873932
Fax No: 68873142
Robin Remittance Trading Centre
304 Orchard Road.
Postal Code : 238863
Phone No: 62350803
Fax No: 62359115
Moneyhome Remittance Express 
545 Orchard Road
#13-01 Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882
Tel: 732-8777
AMA Remittance Pte Ltd 
7500A Beach Road
#01-326 The Plaza
Singapore 199591
Tel: 293-1992
MoneyNet Remittance Service Pte Ltd 
101 Upper Cross Street
#03-50 People's Park Centre
Singapore 058357
Tel: 532-1142

What Should I Do When My Maid Runs Away?


Before you reach any conclusion that your maid has ran away, you should try to find her by looking around your neighbourhood to see if she has wandered out without letting anyone know. Sometimes, this happens and can lead to unnecessary anxiety or negative emotions. 



Check if she has taken her personal belongings and more importantly her passport with her. If these items are no longer present, chances are she has taken off. 



Contact your Singapore Maid Agency so that they can keep a look out for you in case your runaway maid returns to the maid agency. In addition, they will be able to contact the maid's training centre or her family members to see if she has left a message on her whereabouts. 



Filing a police report is important after you have made reasonable efforts to locate your maid. They will be able to investigate and find out if your maid has left the country or try locating her whereabouts for you by contacting the relevant embassies, shelters, hospitals, etc, to see if she had reported to any of those locations.  



If you are not able to locate her after a few days, you might want to cancel her work permit. Your levy payment will cease and in this case, your maid will become an overstayer and can be prosecuted for the offence either by getting fined, jailed or suffer both sentences before she is repatriated.


Maid got pregnant?

Under MOM regulations, as a work permit holder, maids cannot become pregnant or give birth here unless they are married to Singapore citizens or permanent residents with the government’s permission.

Employers should inform MOM and terminate the helper’s contract as soon as they have found out about this. According to MOM guidelines, employers are obliged to inform MOM’s Work Pass Division through their web portal. Following which, the maid’s work permits must be cancelled and the maid be repatriated to her home country.

Employers who fail to do this risk the forfeiture of the $5,000 security deposit.

What is a transfer maid?

Transfer maids are maids who are already in Singapore under the employment other employers and are seeking a new employer. This occurs when the 2 years contract of the maid is expiring or when an employer discontinues the service of the maid for whatsoever reasons.

Can I still enquire for and hire a maid?
Yes you can!

What are the various ways to hire in current times?
Island Maid can arrange for you to hire a newly-arriving helper from the various source countries that we partner with.  However you will need to bear the additional SHN and Covid-19 costs, subject also to MOM's approval for her entry. 

Island Maids is also able to assist to source out transfer maids for you selection as well. 

Hiring an FDW - what is the process?

Procedures remains the same whereby Island Maids will first understand your requirements and set up interviews with you with the shortlisted prospective FDW for hire. Island Maids will also help to apply for your helper's In-Principal Approval (IPA) to MOM, subject to MOM approval. 

What changed during Covid-19 and Phase 2?
After IPA approval, Island Maids can assist you to submit for entry approval from MOM. 
If all the above factors are cleared including the entry approval, only then can Island Maids assist to book an air plane ticket for the FDW (subject to flight ticket availabliities). Upon arrival all FDWs have to serve SHN immediately. 

Additional costs to Employers

All FDWs will be required to serve 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) at allocated SHN facility as per advised by MOM. Before discharge from SHN facility, a COVID-19 test will be required to be administered on the FDW. All costs of the SHN duration ($1,500 including GST) and COVID-19 (up to $200 including GST) will be borne by the employer. Employer will also need to shoulder the transport costs for the FDW from SHN facility to where their helper has to take their Covid-19 test. This cost is variable depending on the distance covered. Please check back at MOM website or get in touch with Island Maids for further assistance. 

As per normal MOM requirements, Employers will need to pay their helper's salary on time, bear all the living expenses of the helper and be responsible for her welfare while she is in Singapore. 
All FDWs who have their work permits issued on or after 01 January 2013 will be entitled to a weekly rest day. However, employers may compensate their FDWs if there is mutual written agreement between both parties for the FDWs to work on their rest days. The compensation could be a replacement rest day taken within the same calendar month or compensate the FDW with extra pay. Formula for calculation of each rest day pay is as follows: basic salary divided by 26 = compensation for one rest day.
Please get in touch with any of our 5 branches of Island Maids and we will be happy to assist to provide mediation and counselling services to you and your helper as a first step.

1) Indonesia

2) Myanmar

3) Philippines

4) Mizoram (India)

SIP is a one-day programme to orientate first-time FDWs to working and living in Singapore. They should attend SIP Within 3 days upon  arrival, excluding Sunday and public holidays.  The SIP will consist of five modules, including: introduction to Singapore, conditions of employment, safety at home, safety in other areas, and relationship and stress management. The SIP is conducted in the FDWs’ native languages to maximise understanding and retention.  *Due to the current covid-19 arrangements, SIP is not re-opened as of 4 July 2020, thus if your FDW has already arrived and been deployed,  SIP will be scheduled asap once SIP is allowed to resume.* 

All Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and expatriates (holding valid employment or work passes)  are eligible to apply but subject to MOM approval of the reason for employing a FDW. For expatriate employers, they have to show proof of family members living with them upon application.

\Written consent must be given. You must continue to pay the levy up to the day before the new Work Permit is issued. If the FDW medical was done five months ago, as her employer still, you are responsible to send the FDW for her 6-Monthly Medical Examination if required.

In the event that the FDW's transfer is unsuccessful and the Work Permit is cancelled or expires, the current employer must repatriate the worker within 14 days from the date of the Work Permit cancellation/expiry.

The worker is only allowed to start work with the new employer after the Work Permit has been issued in the new employer's name and any outstanding salary should be paid on the day you release her.

For the purpose of transfer, you will not need to pay anything to the maid agency unless you require the agency to provide food and accommodation for the interim. However, do note that the salary of the FDW is to be paid even though she may no longer be performing any work for you while staying with the agency.


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