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Direct Hiring




My Maid’s relative or friends wants to work here as a maid. What is the procedure?

My previous MAID IN INDONESIA wants to come back and work for me?

My friend’s Maid recommended her sister in Myanmar to work for me. How can I apply for her?



If you are looking to directly hire a maid from an Indonesia Maid agency or a Myanmar Maid Agency in Singapore, we offer expedient and high quality service, assiting you throughout the entire hiring sequence, from document processing to the time your maid arrives at your doorstep.

The process requires proper documentation in both overseas and local before the helper can depart from their home countries to work here in Singapore. It is safer to task the job to an experienced maid agency to minimize the risk of helpers not being able to arrive due to incomplete or improper processing.

Island Maids has successfully assited many domestic employers in processing direct maid hires to Singapore. Trust us to complete the process for you!