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Top 10 costs when hiring a Maid in Singapore

1. Maid's monthly salary

There is a range of salaries across the different nationalities. Do check with your respective maid agency so you can make a more informed decision on which helper you are able to upkeep.


2. Domestic worker levy
The standard monthly maid levy is $265. However, you will be eligible for a concessionary levy  at $60 a month on certain Terms and Conditions as stated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).


3. Domestic worker security bond and Accident insurance policies
It is mandatory by Singapore law to cover your foreign domestic worker for inpatient and day surgery coverage up to $15000 per year. Check with your local insurer or your trusted maid agency who are able to do recommendations on the different policies and coverage. It may be useful to bear in mind that the cheapest policy may not encompass all the coverage you want. 


4. Work Pass Application and Issuance of Work Permit Costs

This constitutes the fees payable to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore for the application of work permit ($30) and the issuance of your helper’s work permit card ($30) in Singapore. 



5. Six-monthly medical check-ups
Every 6 Months from the start of her employment with you, your helper will be required to go for a medical check-up to ensure that she is fit to work in Singapore. Should your FDW fall sick and require to see a doctor during her course of employment here, it is also necessary for employers to cover their medical expenses.


6. Airfare tickets

Should you allow your helper to take home leave after 2 years of employment with you to visit her family, the price of a return ticket (with luggage allowance) is something to bear in mind. Otherwise, employers are also responsible for repatriation of their helpers at any point of time.


7. Maid agency fees 

Prior to engaging the agency, you might want to ask for the complete breakdown of agency fees to ensure that there are no hidden costs.


8. Food and other daily necessities

You will need to provide adequate food for your FDW during her employment with you in Singapore.


9. Comfortable accommodation, with room for belongings

A private and proper sleeping area is necessary for your FDW. Ensuring her wellbeing is taken care of could also lead to more productive work habits and benefits for the employer-employee relationship.


10. Cost of Time to phase In your Domestic Helper
During her first few weeks in Singapore, you may need to take some personal time to assist your newly employed domestic worker in adapting to her new living and working conditions. It may take anywhere between one and three months before your domestic worker learns how to fully understand understand her constantly evolving role and responsibilities.


So you have it, the 10 important cost of hiring a foreign domestic helper. Do note that this list is not exhaustive. Other cost like the accidental burning of clothes due to the use of unfamiliar ironing appliance and other cost due to mistakes must also be considered and patience exercised on the employers' end. Being an employer afterall also requires you to help ensure your employee has a smooth transition into the job.