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Three things that we need to take note of prior to employing a maid at home

Before you get ready and head out to a Singapore maid agency to hire a maid, there are a few things that you should really consider. This is something that a lot of employers have not thought through beforehand and which have resulted in a lot of hassle in the process and duration of the employment. Here are some pockets of advice that we would like to give to those who are first-timers in hiring maids.

1. Is everyone at home comfortable with this decision?

Not everyone likes having a stranger at home, or at least they would need some time to get used to living with someone who might not speak the same language under the same roof. Please do communicate with the rest of the family members before heading off to a maid agency in Singapore to hire a helper. Understand both their concerns and discuss your family’s needs, hear them out and reassure them if there are any concerns that arise. Everyone should arrive at the same understanding so that the best hiring decision is made for all.

2. Are you financially prepared?

Hiring a maid is an addition to the household expense, and the employer should be financially stable to sustain this form of expenditure for as long as the contract is viable. There are also some unseen costs which include the maid’s living expenses. Do ensure that you have put aside enough funds for this employment decision that you are making. A good maid agency in Singapore would give you a clear understanding of what is to be spent as well before assisting you with your hire.

3. Do you have an additional space for the new member to live in?                                        

Space at home is fundamental for another to reside in, as well! Do make sure that there is enough space to accommodate an extra person so that everyone can be comfortable at home. If they are going to share a room with some of your family members, again, do communicate well with your family members about this on who will be sharing their space.

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