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Signs that you need an extra helping hand at home

We all have times when we need help in our lives, and we should not shy away from the thought of asking help. You may end up being burnt out, stressed and lethargic in the end if you choose to do everything by yourself. This would have a great impact on your health and eventually it would affect the lives of the ones you love as well as a family’s dynamics and day-to-day health. Should you need to hire a helper at home, a maid employment agency is here to get you a suitable candidate to distribute the workload at home. Here are two signs that could indicate that you need help

1. You have no time to rest

Have you been on your feet all day performing chores ever since you end work, and whenever you have time to sit down, you barely have time for your own errands? Do you feel that your bedtime is always relatively short and you have to wake up early before work to complete certain tasks? At times, do you feel dizzy when doing your house chores or completing a single task like picking up your child from school? Do you look at your to-do list with disdain? Are you unable to prioritise your errands because it seems like everything needs urgent attention all at once? These could be possible signs that you lack adequate rest, that you need an extra pair of helping hands and it may have negative impacts on your health if this persists.

2. You are unable to manage the chores that are building up at home

As much as you try your best to perform your chores, they are not anymore perfect. You might be cooking something while you were answering the calls from your child asking you to fetch them from school and there is no time to do the laundry just yet, and sometimes, when you have additional work from the office, it just makes things unmanageable.  You are practically, multitasking 24/7!

It is okay to need a maid at home. If you are in search of a maid employment agency, Island Maids is ready to be at your service! We are located at four locations in Singapore: Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Jurong, Yishun. Our maid employment agency is one of the most established and reliable agencies in Singapore. Call us today for an enquiry!