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Good help isn’t easy to find

Good help isn’t easy to find

If you’ve ever been in the situation where you need to find someone suitable to help fulfil a task, you’ll know that it isn’t easy to find good workers nowadays. The mentality of younger generations all around the world are leaning more to entrepreneurship with huge emphasis on financial freedom. If you ask youngsters around the world now, especially fresh graduates, you would find that a majority of them would aim to retire by the age of 30, to have financial freedom, and also to travel the world.

As employers for domestic maids, this change in mindset has made it difficult for us to find help that comes from our homeland. There are few local Singaporeans who would choose a career as a domestic helper, and that has led us to employ domestic maids from overseas. Domestic maids commonly found in Singapore are usually from Indonesia, Myanmar and Mizoram. With the training provided by us, you can rest assure that the maids that has undergone their training programs have the skill set to help you with your duties at home.

However, there are other important criteria when it comes to choosing a domestic helper as well.

Trust and Reliability

Needless to say, we cannot welcome someone who we could not trust into our homes. A domestic helper should be above all, trustworthy and reliable in character. As we will be welcoming them into our homes and sharing our personal space with them, it is highly important that the integrity and character of our domestic maid have been reviewed. We undertake the responsibility to personally interview all maids and provide them with the necessary training they need to fulfil your daily needs. Through strict and rigid interview process,we are able to assess the maids accurately to ensure that their character is reliable. As an employer, you can be rest assured that the maids listed here are reliable and worth your trust.


As each client has different priorities when it comes to a domestic helper, we realise the need to find the maids that can satisfy different requirements and do a good job. For those who have elder folks or children at home that require taking care of, we have maids who have experience or training in these matters. Housekeeping is generally an expected skillset, however, the level of sanitation and hygiene demanded by each person can be vastly different. We are able to get you a good maid that could help with all your chores.

Getting Along

Last but not least, finding a domestic helper in Singapore that you and your family member can get along with is crucial to ensure that this employer-employee partnership will last. If there are negative feelings being harboured between any parties, awkward situations might arise and hard feelings might be produced. Clear communication is key when it comes to relationship matters, but as with all relationships, if a maid doesn’t suit you and your family, it is always okay to search for the next one. You never know when you will find one that is a perfect fit for everyone in your family.

As an established and experienced maid agency in Singapore, you can rely on us and start your search for the next handy pair of hands at home. Alternatively, drop us a message and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.