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Finding good help: first admitting you need one

Life has become a lot more hectic nowadays as the demand to pick up the pace and catch up with society increases. It is not uncommon for people to find it hard to juggle between work and home. Young Singaporeans who have just started a family might find it hard to take care of work responsibilities and home duties. Responsibilities at the home might not necessarily involve children or kids. They might also include older folks such as grandparents or parents. Aside from that, home duties might just mean general housekeeping, such as keeping the dishes washed and dried, bed made up neat and tidy, and the floor swept clean and sparkly. Everyone has different standards when it comes to managing our personal life and private space at home. But when it comes to admitting that we need help, things might be a little tricky for some people.

Signs you need help

Depending on whether we were raised with some help at home (eg: foreign worker or domestic/transfer maids), we might have different comfort levels when it comes to our private space. However, as our level of tolerance for the organisation and cleanliness at home might differ, there is point denying it when things are starting to get out of hand. Have you ever been in a situation where your kitchen or house is in a constant mess that you have no idea where things are most of the time? Have you been constantly telling yourself for the past few weeks or months that you are going to settle the messy pile of junk at that corner of the room ‘soon’, but that day just seems to never come? Worse yet, are you or your family members regularly in various states of neglect, such as a child or old person left alone at home without any proper supervision? These might be signs that you need help in your home because the quality of your life and the people around you are being affected.

No harm in admitting it

Not only is an extra pair of hands at home helpful for regular life during the day (such as cleaning the house, organising kitchen), there is also a whole list of benefits that comes with having a transfer maid around, especially with our life in Singapore. Having help at home does not mean that we are incompetent in handling our domestic issues, as some indignant people might think. In fact, it proves to show the contrary! It shows that while we are busy, modern people living in this demanding society where time is scarce, we refuse to let things at home drop to the slums. Whether it is a domestic maid to help with housekeeping, or to take care of our child or old folks, we are not shirking from our responsibilities just because we are needed elsewhere. Having a transfer maid whose sole purpose is to meet the needs and take care of the welfare of us and our family is also the best gift that we can give our parents- who might turn out to be the most stubborn of us all. Many people would think that hiring a domestic maid is a waste of money, or that they can handle things by themselves. However, the extra time and energy you can gain from delegating the task to someone else is worth far more than anything money can get us. The hard task, though, is finding someone reliable whom we can entrust our personal lives with.

Engage with professional to hire or transfer a maid in Singapore

Finding the right person as our transfer maid is a sensitive issue. There are different families with varying priorities. Kids, parents, or even a big house might be different reasons why anyone would need to hire help in the first place. There are options of finding a transfer maid by ourselves, if we know the right candidate. However, most of us would have to rely on people’s recommendations on who’s a good worker, reliable, and trustworthy. After all, we will be welcoming that person into our homes and lives. It is therefore paramount in importance to find good recommendations for transfer workers. This is where we come in and help. Our services include interviewing each and every potential domestic helper personally before they are being accepted to be part of the team. Contact us today for more information!