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Does the nationality of maids matter in an employment?

You might be deciding on the nationality of maids to employ to work for you in Singapore, eg should you hire an Indonesian maid, Burmese maid, or a maid from Mizoram? Well, the truth is it depends on a mix of culture and experience. Here are some of your considerations addressed:

1. Attitude or Experience

It is common knowledge to you the mother tongues of the different nationaliy of helpers eg, Indonesian maids usually speak Indonesian, which is similar to the Malay language, while maids from Mizoram do usually speak basic English or Mizo. Put your worries to rest as basic training will be given at the training centres overseas, although sometimes it is easier to communicate with your maids in a language that they are familiar with. However, as long as your helper has been to Singapore before and has worked here before, she will be able to speak basic English in the aspect of domestic affairs. More importantly, her attitude is most important! Attitude first, and experience second.

2. Their belief

The majority of Myanmar citizens (more than 80%) are Buddhist. Indonesians however, are mostly Muslims (87.2%). It is to be noted that the employers might want to take in considerations of their maids’ beliefs and lifestyle because it is someone who is going to live with them at home. Some Philippines helpers may ask to go to church every Sunday, so do take note on their requirements to see if your family is able to meet it.

On the contrary, Indonesian, Indian and Burmese helpers usually are ok with not doing praying rituals at home unless their employers otherwise practice the same as well. It is important to speak to your helper on this before her arrival.

At Island Maids, we aspire to help you bridge the cultural gap between your maids and your family as much as possible by recommending you the ones that we find most suitable as per your family’s requirements.. If you are interested in hiring a maid in Singapore, regardless of them being from Indonesia, Myanmar, or Mizoram, Island Maids are ready to serve you from four locations around Singapore. Contact us for an enquiry today!