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6 Productivity Tips for New Foreign Domestic Worker Employers


How does a working employer train a? Here are 6 productivity tips you can utilise:


(1) Set aside time for planning her important roles. 


(2) Write a daily to-do list. Keep in mind that this should be a simple schedule listing            the main tasks and your new maid may need it to be translated to her language,              and you can use Google Translate or ask your maid agency for help. 


(3) Be flexible with your schedule, understand and help her adapt when situations                change.


(4) Spend time to train your domestic worker on time-saving electrical appliances.              Once she has learnt the usage of such devices, she may be able to multi-task                  more effectively. 


(5) Teach your maid simple but healthy recipes that she can dish out for your kids in              20 minutes! 


(6) Ensure that your domestic helper takes care of her well-being so that she is able          to keep herself fit and active for the day's duties.