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      Yes, from 8 September 2021.  Employers can agree to share SHN costs for the transfer of a migrant domestic worker (MDW). What are the criteria for cost-sharing? As an employer, you must  - have paid the costs of your Migrant Domestic Worker’s (MDW’s) stay at a dedicated Stay-Home Notice (SHN) facility and her related Covid-19 tests  - not have received any waiver of SHN Costs from the Government of Singapore - not have received from your MDW any part of the SHN costs for any reasons whatsoever - be transferring your MDW to a..
Can My Maid In Singapore Register For Covid-19 Vaccination? The answer is Yes! Covid-19 vaccination for PRs and long-term pass holders aged between 12 and 39 years old, including foreign domestic workers, already started on Wednesday (June 30, 2021). Many helpers look after the young or elderly they could be more vulnerable to illness from Covid-19 virus. Some of these care recipients are also amongst those that might be ineligible for vaccination. Hence, getting our Maids In Singapore shielded against the Covid-19 virus is extremely crucial.&nbs..
Can my Maid go out for off day during Singapore’s Phase 2?  Even as we enter into Phase 2 Heightened Alert (HA) with regards to the Covid-19 situation in Singapore, your Maid is still allowed to go out on her rest day. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that Employers discuss the ongoing situation with their Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) to reach a consensus to stay home during this Heightent Alert period. Any of the 4 off days not taken must be compensated base on the per day salary computation (basic salary / 26 days).    ..
The above are essential questions to be answered before hiring a maid in our current times! Previously, the Government of Singapore bore all COVID-19 medical bills for helpers unless they left Singapore from 27 Mar 2020 (despite the prevailing travel advisory then).  Since 1 January 2021, the ruling has changed.    Depending on the period of which your helper contracts COVID-19, the following applies: 1. From 1 January 2021 onwards, if your maid develops COVID-19 symptoms or contracts COVID-19 during her Stay home notice (SHN) period, the Government of Singapore ..
Is adapting to the circuit breaker getting more challenging? Are you looking for a new helper during this Phase 2 period?  Employers will need to know that due to current situations, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has meted out that all employers are to undertake additional responsibilities should they wish to bring a new helper into Singapore for employment. Getting an FDW process Procedures remains the same whereby Island Maids will arrange interviews for you with prospective FDWs that you wish to hire. Island Maids will also help to apply and submit your IPA for MOM approval.&..

Maid Agencies in Singapore are not considered essential services. Thus, a common question surface amongst many employers who have engaged their services during circuit breaker: are maid agencies open during circuit breaker? The answer is Yes. Even though maid agencies are not considered essential services and hence their stores have to be closed during this circuit breaker, maid agencies are still allowed to operate and work from home to serve the everyday needs of their current portfolio of employers and foreign domestic workers (FDWs).

    Island Maids is an experienced & established maid agency that strive to provide the highest service to our clients. We are also rated as the Top Provider in the Maid Industry at   To ensure the New Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) is mentally prepared to commence work in Singapore, Island Maids Training School the training wing of the Island Maids Group of Companies provides a complimentary one day Mindset & Integration Training. In this full 7 hour course, the maids from Indonesia,..
New Service by Singtel helps Indonesian Maids remit money to their families fast
Indonesian Maids can now remit money back home to their families who currently do not have a bank account through their new service, Singtel Dash. In addition to this, they can also choose to remit money to a bank account in Indonesia. Each transaction comes with a fee of $9 and is capped at $999 per transfer and the recipients can cash out the money at more than 4,500 cash-out points across Indonesia at their post offices.    To use the service, the Indonesian maids must first register at SingCash outlets at Lucky Plaza and City Pla..
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