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Where Can I Find and Retrieve My Maid's Covid-19 Vaccination Records?

As Singapore reopens, many places or events will require you to show the proof of vaccination or a negative pre event test result. Hence, If you are thinking of bring your maid along, or if your maid would be visiting such places, you will need to know where to obtain the vaccine certificate. Let us show you how.

Your maid will need to apply for a Singpass account for the access of her vaccination details with the Trace-Together App, visit for a step by step guide on how you can obtain this.

1. Ensure your Maid has downloaded her Trace-Together App 

2. Open Trace-Together App 

3. Look under “Your Covid Health Status”: your Maid’s vaccination status will be reflected accordingly.

4. If she has been completely vaccinated, for example if it has been 14 days after her second dose, the status reflected should be “Vaccinated” 

5. Your helper may click on the status “Vaccinated” for more details (i.e. type of vaccine, date that she’s fully vaccinated)

6. For any further enquiries, may call into Ministry of Health @ 63259220.