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6 Important Questions about Maid Insurance 1. Do I need to buy medical insurance for my helper?  The answer is YES: You need to buy medical and personal accident insurance for your helper.  This is by law in Singapore, and this Maid Insurance policy has to be in effect before your helper arrives in Singapore, as part of your medical obligations to her.  Likewise, if she is a transfer helper, the policy has to be purchased and in effect before she is deployed to your house to work.  Please note that as an employer, you must not pass on the cost of purchas..
Do You Allow Your Maid To Keep Her Handphone? While Mobile Phones help many helpers to keep connected to our families and loved ones, the misuse of it can be worrying. From over-usage to taking photos and videos within employer’s residential premise, here are 6 possible ways to deal with the issue at hand: mobile phone usage. 1. Mutually agree on a reasonable time for phone usage Some helpers may need to call their families daily, for example if they do have young kids back in their home country. Other helpers are perfectly fine with an arrangement to call their families ..
To ensure that your maid gets enough mental and physical rest, MOM recommends that you should allow her to have one regular rest day per week.  However if your maid expressly agrees to work on her rest days, you as an employer must compensate her with at least one day’s salary. Many employers ask, how do I calculate one day’s salary for compensation-in-lieu of working on her rest day? Simply divide your helper’s monthly basic salary by 26 days and that is the per day salary that has to be compensated to her.  Should your maid choose to take rest..
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The above are essential questions to be answered before hiring a maid in our current times! Previously, the Government of Singapore bore all COVID-19 medical bills for helpers unless they left Singapore from 27 Mar 2020 (despite the prevailing travel advisory then).  Since 1 January 2021, the ruling has changed.    Depending on the period of which your helper contracts COVID-19, the following applies: 1. From 1 January 2021 onwards, if your maid develops COVID-19 symptoms or contracts COVID-19 during her Stay home notice (SHN) period, the Government of Singapore ..
Hiring a Maid in Singapore can mean extra time with the kids or our parents and having the flexibility to re-adjust our schedules whenever we need to. Amidst keeping abreast of our careers, handling our kids, providing the necessary time for caregiving, running a household, simply trying to keep up with errands and handling life’s curveballs, hiring a maid can be a huge help to just anyone indeed.  Hence, interviewing a Domestic Helper is a crucial step (and probably the most important one) in selecting a good maid that is loyal and trusted for your family. Many of..
Is adapting to the circuit breaker getting more challenging? Are you looking for a new helper during this Phase 2 period?  Employers will need to know that due to current situations, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has meted out that all employers are to undertake additional responsibilities should they wish to bring a new helper into Singapore for employment. Getting an FDW process Procedures remains the same whereby Island Maids will arrange interviews for you with prospective FDWs that you wish to hire. Island Maids will also help to apply and submit your IPA for MOM approval.&..
ARE TRANSFER MAIDS A BAD CHOICE?  Due to the rise in dual-income families, an aging population, rising living costs and urban lifestyle expectations in Singapore, hiring a maid is no longer a luxury for many, but instead a necessity. Following the news in Singapore, demand for transfer maids have also been on the rapid rise in recent years, especially so in the current covid-19 situation that has hit home hard. The question arises: Are transfer maids a bad choice?  Exactly who are transfer maids? Transfer maids refer to Foreign domestic workers (FDWs) who are curren..

Maid Agencies in Singapore are not considered essential services. Thus, a common question surface amongst many employers who have engaged their services during circuit breaker: are maid agencies open during circuit breaker? The answer is Yes. Even though maid agencies are not considered essential services and hence their stores have to be closed during this circuit breaker, maid agencies are still allowed to operate and work from home to serve the everyday needs of their current portfolio of employers and foreign domestic workers (FDWs).

Congratulations to both you and your foreign domestic worker for a successful employment. Planning for her home leave application would be the next step after the renewal of employment with you. Do note that even if your helper is planning to go back to her country or homeland for a short holiday during her contract term, know that there are certain rules she needs to comply with to be allowed to re-enter Singapore to continue her employment with you. Immigration requirements vary from country to country and depend on factors such as the foreign domestic worker’s source country requireme..
    Island Maids is an experienced & established maid agency that strive to provide the highest service to our clients. We are also rated as the Top Provider in the Maid Industry at   To ensure the New Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) is mentally prepared to commence work in Singapore, Island Maids Training School the training wing of the Island Maids Group of Companies provides a complimentary one day Mindset & Integration Training. In this full 7 hour course, the maids from Indonesia,..
Interviewing Maids? 3 Key Observations to increase the effectiveness of the maid interview.
If you are an employer of a maid or is in the process of hiring a maid for the first time, you would have probably interviewed a number of maid at the maid agency in Singapore before making your decision on hiring the most suitable one. The questions is, how effective is the interview going to be? "Lets be honest here! More than half the time, you are going to get standard well prepared answers, or an okay or yes reply even if the domestic helper do not understand your question."Any Singapore maid agency who tells you that you can totally trust what they say without el..
Why do Singaporeans prefer employing maids from Indonesia?
Singapore employs domestic help from a number of countries that includes Indonesia, Myanmar, India, The Philippines, and Cambodia. So why are Indonesian Maids a popular choice for Singaporeans?  We look in to a number of factors.1) Language A good number of Singaporeans understands and speaks Malay and this is especially so for the elderlies. The Malay language is very similar to Bahasa Indonesia and are generally mutually intelligible. Hence, with the advantage of basic communication, the Indonesian domestic helpers gain an upper hand. 2) Cooking Style ..
So you have you come to the conclusion that managing work and your household chores are getting too much for you to take. It's taking up too much time and it leaves you with little to enjoy precious moments with your family. Now you have decided to engage the help of a domestic helper. Amidst the options given to you by your maid agency, which nationality of maids should you engage? An Indonesian Maid? A maid from Myanmar? or perhaps a Mizoram Maid? Does it really matter?   In fact it does. Well, the truth is there are many things to consider. Cultu..
What should I do when my maid runs away?
What should I do when my maid runs away?   Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you reach home only to find your maid missing? There were no tell tale signs, everything was going on just fine, and one day, she decides to take off. What should you do? What are the implications?    When such an incident happen, it can get a little troublesome as being an employer, your are responsible for the well being of your maid as long as she is in Singapore. We break down the recommended actions you should take upon discovering the absence of your maid.  ..
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