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Good Philippines Maids Agency (Filipino Maids) Singapore

Why should you hire a maid from The Philippines?

Employers in Singapore who is looking to hire a maid for Infant Care usually places their trust in Filipino Maids mainly due to their good command of the English language and a good reputation on handling babies. Equipped with the English language, The Philippines Domestic Helpers are also sought after for families who requires the service to look after their children as they are better able to communicate accurately.

At Island Maids, we screen all potential candidates before accepting them into our overseas centres. Over there, they will go through extensive training in all aspects of household work. Once their employment is confirmed, training will then focus on their specific job requirements. 

Not only do we provide Maid Training overseas, but we do so locally as well at our exclusive Maid Training Centre in Singapore. When the Filipino Maids arrive in Singapore, they will go through our structured training where we prepare them not just in the skillsets required in their job, but more importantly, we provide them with a sense of mental preparedness by training the mindset. 

Rest assured that at Island Maids, we are committed to training and integration of the Domestic Helper from The Philippines to help them excel at work.

Contact us now to arrange a visit to our Maid Training Centre in Singapore to find a good helper now!  


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